Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Story Unfolding

We joke now before going in for any appointment with the specialist, what is this doctor going to find wrong today. So I'm a fool to be surprised that he found something new! Her measurements haven't gotten worse and the fluid in her brain is still within normal limits - praise God. However, little Miss Emmy Faith refused to show her face, so we were unable to see if her nasal bone has appeared. My amniotic fluid was a little high (one more thing to monitor) and the doctor announced that our daughter has clubbed feet! (I can't make this up). I was disappointed but Matt was excited. I heard all the things that can still go wrong, he heard a doctor that can't stop talking say a whole bunch of nothing. 

We prayed that God would handle His miracle in His own way, which also means in His own time. I won't lie, I wanted more. I wanted to see her little face and see that nasal bone. I wanted the fluid in her brain to decrease. I wanted her measurements to somehow correct themselves. So what am I supposed to learn here? It's the age-old lesson of patience, trust, and letting go of control because I never had it to begin with. We'll remain obedient, faithful, and strong - as difficult as it feels right now. And we'll remember that just because we can't see the ending to this story yet, it's already been written.

And it is beautiful.

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