Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Still Need You

“I still need you, Mama. I’m not a woman yet.”

Ah, life lessons from my sweet, fiery, impulsive, loving, recently-turned-middle child.
It’s so simple to let go and take a breath when our children hit a certain age. They’re easy, independent, know so much, and exhibit great amounts of common sense (usually). 

But they still need us.

They still need us, as parents, to pray for them - to pray With them. They still need us to talk to, to cry on, and to share their dreams as we sit in their rooms at night before bed. I so often find myself letting my older kids to their own solitude because I need mine, but every once in a while I’m reminded that the pats on the back and words of encouragement are not only appreciated, they're necessary.

So, thank you, my Evynn, for teaching me to stop what I’m doing and look you in the eye, and hear what you’re saying. 

And I can teach you - one conversation at a time - that even when you become a woman, you’ll always need your Mama.  

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