Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's Only Just Begun

Dear Mommy,

Oh, how I wish I could sit in front of you right now. I would squeeze you tight and take a hold of your hands. I can see you so clearly and I’m weeping with you. Not because I’m sad for you, but because I know the incredible truth about your life.

It’s only just begun.

In the coming hours and days, you might be stunned, in pain, or completely numb from what you’ve just heard. You might cry, you might sob, you might feel like your heart has shattered. You might try to look into your child’s future and see only a blurry haze. You might be terrified, you might be angry, and you might even feel like your life is over.

But it’s only just begun.

I can promise you that your child has a grand purpose. They will light up what can be a very dark world, and make you happy when all else makes you sad. Your child has an incredible, individual personality with every ability to be smart and stubborn, sweet and hysterically funny, mischievous and dramatic. Your child has the potential to go to college, marry the person of their dreams, and grow others in mighty ways. As deeply as you’re wounded in this moment, your pain will be forgotten and you’ll wonder why you ever felt it in the first place. You will love your baby more than you thought humanly possible, and that love you questioned could exist will be the same love to rebuild your broken heart. And I can promise you - your child will only make your life better.

And it’s only just begun.

It’s only normal to grieve and cry and hurt. But then forget what others might think, forget whatever you might have heard, and know that your child is absolutely perfect. I can tell you these things because I once sat exactly where you are. I heard the negative, but no one told me the positive. No one told me how much brighter my days would be with my daughter in it. No one told me that once she was in my arms, I would smile bigger, laugh louder, love better, and see true beauty in the faces around me. No one told me that my compassion for others would expand my world and reach deeper, higher, broader. No one told me that my friends and family would be changed or that my little girl would bring so much joy into their lives. I wish someone would have told me that my dreams weren’t over, but those dreams were only going to be exponentially bigger, happier, and more fulfilled. I wish someone would have told me truth about my life.

It had only just begun.

So as you process the words of the doctors and specialists, my greatest hope is that you can know the truth and feel that love even now as you child grows within you. Your child’s life has already changed the world.

And it’s only just begun.

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